Radios around the globe

Radio Garden is akin to a Google Earth for radio stations, allowing you to explore live sounds from different parts of the planet. view centered on Europe

This project began in 2016 as a conceptual experiment for a Dutch research project with a simple idea: take online streams of AM/FM radios from around the world and place them on a globe.

Since anyone can add a station, the map has grown rapidly. Although there are still more stations densely packed in Europe, some can be found in the most remote places on the planet.

It's very visual and invites you to explore the sounds of the world in the same way Street View tempts you to get lost in the streets of other countries. There's a list of favorite stations where you can add the ones you discover.

Over time, I have added some music radios to this list that I usually listen to, but there are also many conventional radios that might be good for language practice.

If you find any other interesting radio stations, feel free to leave them in the comments. I'm still looking for a lofi station to replace that YouTube video with the same 8 hours of music on loop.

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